This is a small selection of work showcasing Neil’s original composition, remixing, reworking and sound design. In addition, Neil’s existing Mint Royale catalogue has been widely used in adverts for products ranging from perfume to sweets, mobile phones to cereal, and everything in between. Mint Royale tracks have also appeared in numerous films, from major Hollywood blockbusters such as Vanilla Sky to BAFTA winning British drama such as Boy A, and soundtracked more TV moments than we could possibly fit here. At the bottom of the page there is also a short playlist showcasing the wider range of musical styles Neil is able to work in.


Vanilla Sky – composition


Volkswagen – composition/remix – composition


AEG – composition


Indeed – composition, sound design


ASDA – mnemonic and additional production


Currys PC World – composition, sound design


BBC One – composition


Sony – composition


Nike – reworking track to picture, sound design


Heineken – reworking and remixing track to picture


Peak District – composition


New York – remix


Nike 2010 World Cup – composition


Mint Royale – Singin’ In The Rain


Mint Royale – Blue Song


Mint Royale – Ring (feat. Willem Dafoe)


Mint Royale – Don’t Falter (feat. Lauren Laverne)


Fenech Soler – Last Forever (Mint Royale Remix)


Mint Royale – Time (feat. Tom Cane)


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