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Time – the final single

And here is the final Mint Royale single, along with two great remixes from Loframes and Sonny Wharton. Loframes Remix Sonny Wharton Remix

Fenech Soler – Last Forever (Mint Royale Remix)

Keeping up the steady flow of remixes, Mint Royale have recently taken on “Last Forever” by Fenech Soler to great 80s sounding results. You can listen to it here.

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Tim Burgess – White (Mint Royale Remix)

Mint Royale were asked to remix ‘White’ by Tim Burgess and here it is.

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CutWires – Momma Told (Mint Royale Remix)

Hot on the heels of last week’s announcement of a second chance to win a Mint Royale remix of one of your own tracks, Neil selected ‘Momma Told’ by CutWires from the submissions, and has now completed the remix.

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Glitches – Only Time Will Tell (Mint Royale Remix)

Apollo Junction – Begin (Mint Royale Remix)

The result of the first great Mint Royale remix giveaway.


Some new music for you, taken from the GTFU EP.

GTFU – Bobby Tank Remix

I’m happy to say you can actually now listen to Bobby Tank’s maximalist remix of GTFU over Harder Blogger Faster at this very moment. Or listen to it in 5 minutes. It’s up to you. But definitely go and have … Continue reading


Use Spotify? Then here are some things to listen to.