Following last weeks experiment, Mint Royale is now offering a second chance to win a completely free remix. All you have to do is submit your track by the end of Monday 17th March, and Neil will select the one he thinks he can do something interesting with and remix your track for no fee.

There are, of course, a few conditions:

1. Neil needs to be able to do whatever he wants with the track musically. Obviously he wants it to be heard so has no intention of producing something that is going to be bad for anyone, but he does need unencumbered free creative reign.

2. When it’s finished Neil will send it to you at the same time as putting it on the Mint Royale soundcloud account. You can obviously then put it on your own soundcloud (or other streaming site) if you like. So the final thing will be as much of a surprise for you as everyone else.

3. Neil might tweet vague work in progress updates which could include snippets of audio.

4. Once it is completed, you can use the remix however you want as long as it isn’t generating income. We would have to work something out if that were to be the case. So you couldn’t commercially release it, but you could give it away to your fans, or send it to a blog etc. etc.

5. If Neil chooses your track, you need to be able to get the remix parts uploaded as soon as possible. If you already have them, maybe because you’ve already had a remix done, then just send what you’ve got. If you are starting from scratch, 24bit 44.1k files are Neil’s favourite of all the audio file formats.

If all that sounds fine to you, we would prefer you to submit your tracks by tweeting links to @mintroyale, or putting links in the replies on the Mint Royale facebook page. If your track is not online anywhere and so you have to send an MP3, please email it here.

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