Hello new Mint Royale website! I say new, but there hasn’t actually been a website for ages. Myspace was good enough the last time Mint Royale released a record, how times have changed…

So here is the ‘new’ website. I will try and make it worth visiting with things to hear and see and read when I have created them, and tell you about it via Twitter and Facebook. For starters I’ve laboriously (and I really mean that) updated most of the old videos from their tiny screen pixellated form into big screen wonders. I’m not going to claim they are HD as HD didn’t exist when most of them were made. Some weren’t even widescreen – fancy that! – although they are now via some ruthless letterboxing. You can find them on the LOOK page.

I’ve also started a blog charting my progress with (drum roll……) a new album which is some way down the line and will probably get finished quicker if I blog about it and make myself feel guilty at any obvious lack of progress. I might chuck up bits of music as I go along, or I may not, we’ll see. It’s first instalment is up at SLOG.

So yes, a new album. For 2012. That’s a whole new album. Next year.

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