Mint Royale – The End and Goodbye!

Mint Royale has now reached the end. A huge thank you to everyone who has done anything for Mint Royale over the years. If you bought things, or worked with us, played Mint Royale songs on the radio or in a club, whatever, it’s been lovely.

I can still be found talking rubbish about music and other things on Twitter, so feel free to follow me if you like that sort of thing.


Mint Royale – Time (feat Tom Cane) official video

Here is the official flying triangle countdown-clock visual accompaniment for Time.


Time – the final single

And here is the final Mint Royale single, along with two great remixes from Loframes and Sonny Wharton.

Loframes Remix

Sonny Wharton Remix

Long-standing viewers will perhaps remember that I released music. For a while it was actually a regular occurrence. But that was quite a long time ago.

It’s always felt like I just let Mint Royale drift into the distance while I did other things and never gave it the proper end it deserved and that’s bugged me. So, almost entirely to give me personal closure, I am releasing one final Mint Royale single.

That single is called Time, and you’ll be able to hear it tomorrow. And after this single is all done, that will be the end of Mint Royale.

Fenech Soler – Last Forever (Mint Royale Remix) Video

As if being able to hear the Mint Royale remix of “Last Forever” by Fenech Soler wasn’t enough, you can now also enjoy a visual accompaniment derived solely from the fantastic 1985 film The Breakfast Club.

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